Studies & Design

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Our design and engineering department follows every project, no matter what size, from its inception to completion. Moreover, it can help you for all your climatic engineering and fire safety studies.
Climatic engineering

The climatic study of a building is based on analysis of composite materials, its structure and heat generating elements. It is then possible to design various scenarios based on previous parameters and to observe the thermal behaviour of the building on this basis. Obtaining the correct climatic conditions will be reached after matching the result of the study to pre-determined objectives.

Fire safety engineering

This consists of laying down fire safety objectives and working out scenarios while determining the means to put this into practice by creating a model of the building by simulating and calculating fire safety parameters.

For this reason, our company is active in:

  • the design and calculation of smoke evacuation installations (EFC) in compliance with Belgian standards (NBN S21 208-1) and French, German and European standards (EN 12101-5)
  • advice, specific information on regulations (Royal Decrees), calculations, simulations and developing standards and installations
  • research and development
  • taking part in working committees on standards (sectorial operators)