Smoke screens

  • Compliant with EN 12101-1 CE

In addition to smoke extractors, smoke screens are a simple means of confining toxic fumes caused by a fire and channelling them towards extraction points.

They are an effective aid for the evacuation of large numbers of people from buildings and for the rapid intervention of the safety and security services.

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Fixed smoke screens

The protective cover is made up of various constituent layers of a standard length of 4 metres and a compensatory screen if required.

It consists of glass fibres with an aluminium coating giving it a resistance of 600° for one hour which complies with EN 12101-1.

An overlap of 300 mm will be provided for every modulation to obtain complete water tightness.

Automatic smoke screens

A fireproof cover, rolled out on a stainless steel ventilation duct, is directed by means of a servo mechanism. The whole unit is integrated in a galvanised steel casing with a thickness of 1.2 mm.

The screen starts to operate when it picks up a signal from the alarm installation.

Under normal conditions and when there is a current, the screen stays in position rolled inside the casing with the ballast bar at a predetermined level.

When the alarm sounds, the screen unfolds up to a predetermined height and at a controlled speed.