Lamellated vents

  • Compliant with EN 12101-2 CE

Consisting of profiles, flanges and extruded aluminium frames, lamellated vents are devices which are used as SHE vents. They can at the same time be used for daily ventilation.

Thanks to its command system which is no larger than the body of the device, the lamellated vent can be fitted to all building structures (Integrated into glass roofs, curtain walls, skylights and independent frames).

These can be adapted to various vents in roofs or façades. More information on available sizes of these devices can be requested.

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Type of slats

Slats can be:

  • made from frosted or transparent cellular polycarbonate
  • non-insulating aluminium
  • insulating aluminium
  • laminated glazing


There are two categories of motors:

  • Pneumatic motors
  • Electrical motors
Fail safe pneumatic motors

Fed by a compressor, this installation opens automatically in case of disruption or lowering of pressure in the copper network that feeds the vents.

Electric motors 24V opening / closing

Electrical motors enable the opening and closing of the vents for daily ventilation. This installation does not operate if there is a current disruption.

Electric fail safe motors 24V

Electrical 24 V motors with a thermal fuse in case of current disruption. The outlets open automatically to ensure smoke extraction.


The placing of roof vents which are not integrated in a natural lighting system such as an arched skylight or a glass roof, requires the use of a base plate allowing for the installation of vents while ensuring that the roof is watertight.

The plates may be inclined or not, depending on the natural slope of the roof, but may also be adaptable directly to the shape of the roof plate.  As each project is different, flashing can be made to measure in various versions.


As an option, all our devices can be protected by anodisation or by lacquering according to the list of RAL colours.
The list of lacquers is available on request.
Do not hesitate to ask us for one.