Smoke extraction frames

  • Compliant with EN 12101-2 CE

Smoke extraction frames allow for integration of smoke extraction systems in architectural projects.

These systems are designed for smoke extraction of non-industrial areas and can be included in any project without detracting from its aesthetic appearance.

Various types of motors, visible or not, can be provided.

  • Chassis EFC Chassis EFC
  • Chassis EFC Chassis EFC

Single vent

Smoke excavation frames, single vent and able to pivot, can be positioned on the façade, following the incline of the roof or flat.

Various types of motors, visible or not, can be made to open these smoke excavation systems automatically.

Smoke excavation frames – Single vent

Double vents

Double vent smoke evacuation frames also allow for aesthetic integration in all products while increasing the smoke evacuation surface.

The motors are available visible or hidden like the ones on the single vent frames.

Smoke excavation frames – Double vents


All motors used for smoke extraction can be adapted to all our dome models.
Fail safe pneumatic motors

Fed by a compressor, this installation opens automatically in case of disruption or lowering of pressure in the copper network that feeds the vents.

Electric motors 24V opening / closing

Electrical motors enable the opening and closing of the vents for daily ventilation. This installation does not operate if there is a current disruption.

Electric fail safe motors 24V

Electrical 24 V motors with a thermal fuse in case of current disruption. The outlets open automatically to ensure smoke extraction.


As an option, all our devices can be protected by anodisation or by lacquering according to the list of RAL colours
The list of lacquers is available on request.
Do not hesitate to ask us for one.